Growing up with both parents in the tech industry, I've been connected online for over 25 years. What started out as Mad Libs on Prodigy's dial-up service, turned into innumerable hours spent in AOL chat rooms, progressed into many gif-filled Geocities pages, inspired a number of decades long real-world friendships forged in the fire of online bulletin boards, and has developed into a passion for social media marketing and digital strategy. Over that same time period I've kept busy with a number of different professional roles on a non-traditional career path that's touched a number of industries. From working on email campaigns reaching tens of millions of daily users, ghostwriting that's been published in professional circles, handling the online brand presence of startups and small businesses, managing multi-million dollar accounts, creating complex analytical reporting solutions, to training others on analytics tools like Excel and Tableau, I've had my finger in a lot of different pies. I've worked for mom-and-pop small to medium sized businesses including a family owned bakery owned by my father, up to multi-national corporations that clear $1 B in annual revenue. My diverse background gives me a unique perspective and skillset that has become a major asset in problem solving and teamwork within multiple verticals.

      Being a digital native, I've typically been an early adopter for new social networks as they gain relevance in the space. While working at a major marketing company, I developed a deeper passion for the platforms (especially Twitter) and using them for business purposes. Since then, I have personally sought out and acquired certifications in Social Media Marketing from SoMe Academy, and the closely related Inbound Marketing from HubSpot. I've helped create brand presence and organic marketing strategies, as well as content curation for a number of small businesses and startups working with limited resources. I'm a big believer in the value of high-quality engagements over quantity of followers or likes. Too many entities forget about the SOCIAL part of social media. Followers don't matter if they don't engage with you or your content. I'm active and engaged in a number of communities on social media, with a regional focus on the San Antonio area and the weekly #Luv4Social Twitter chat in particular. 

      My experience in digital marketing as a profession began in 2012, after being found on LinkedIn while working as a Business Analyst in the contact center industry. The company was looking for someone who could develop and maintain business relationships with multi-million dollar clientele and also had the analytical chops to dig through mountains of data to formulate and execute performance improvement strategies for various campaigns. In my role with the email marketing channel, I worked constantly to improve deliverability and optimize revenue and KPI performance on hundreds of campaigns while ensuring compliance with CAN-SPAM and ISP best practices. This was only the beginning of my passion for marketing, and in the time since I've worked on my own to acquire certifications in Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics and Adwords, and Social Media Marketing. 

      Anyone who knows me can tell you I've always been extremely analytical in my approach to any situation. Perhaps, going back to my childhood, this started with a love of the logic puzzles so many of my other classmates hated. Throughout high school I was a member of the varsity cross-examination (CX) policy debate team, traveling across the state to spend my weekends arguing the merits of governmental policy initiatives. A few years back during a stint in the call quality area of a contact center, I taught myself how to use Excel. I quickly became the appointed "go-to guy" for all Excel and data analysis related needs from other departments. With the help of a close colleague in another department, our analytics and reporting skills lead an internal revolution to create what has since been called a "culture of analytics." This lead to my promotion to business analyst, where I developed a number of critical dashboards and reporting spreadsheets that changed the face of the company. After moving to a new company, I was introduced to the significantly more powerful business intelligence software, Tableau. Again, I self-taught myself the new software and became the "go-to guy" for all Tableau related questions and issues. I eventually became certified at the Tableau conference, and then used that knowledge to create and present training materials to the rest of the office staff.

      I've had a number of roles in this industry on both the operations side and the back room administration side. This experience has blessed me a diverse wealth of knowledge from inbound to outbound, on many account types including customer service, sales, and tech support. My first role in the contact center industry was at the bottom, making outbound calls to existing card members trying to get them to transfer balances for a low, short-term interest rate. The quality that most helped my salesmanship, and eventually lead to my promotion, was having an uncanny ability to quickly learn and retain information. When we moved to a more complicated project requiring proficiency in multiple systems including an old-school text interface billing system and others struggled, I was able to help them navigate without reference materials. This got me off the phone and into my first supervisor role. Through coaching and maintaining great relationships with my employees, my team was constantly a top performer not only on site, but across the entire company. After a couple of years doing that, I was promoted to Operations Supervisor and was second in command for an entire branch of the call center, with 10 subordinate supervisors managing over 500 agents. I eventually left to work in my family's bakery business for a few years before moving to Missouri where I joined the call quality department of another contact center. After a little over a year of exemplary performance leading the department in that role, I became the company's Business Analyst. There I became familiar with datasets from every department and created reporting for all levels of stakeholder from agent to supervisor, to internal and external executives.

      Maybe it's my debate and extemporaneous speaking background that created the foundation for my proficiency as an Account Manager. Maintaining a professional composure while speaking (sometimes in front of hundreds of people) in difficult and high-pressure situations regularly for years was great practice for many of the situations that arise for an Account Manager. I've had direct client contact in every professional role I've taken on. As both supervisor and analyst in contact centers I played an integral role in the performance feedback loop, providing a communication channel directly to the front lines of operations. This skillset was a huge factor in the wholesale operations of my father's bakery, establishing and maintaining excellent business relationships with the local business community. It helped immensely when I brought all this experience with me into my first actual Account Manager role. I had a very diverse book of business with over $10 MM annual revenue and clients ranging from one man operations with an "office" next to the beach, all the way to some of the largest multi-national companies in the digital media space. I was able to establish great rapport and very productive business relationships with all types of clients, many of whom would speak very highly about our relationships to this day. As the owner of all business communication I worked closely with every internal department to ensure all client objectives were met, created and delivered regular account reviews, and proactively initiated contact at the first signs of performance concerns. This was essential to building the great client trust that was so important to my success. 

Tableau Desktop 8 Qualified Associate

September 2014

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

September 2015 - October 2016

Social Media Marketing

License No: UC-IXQUZ72W

- Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)

- Google AdWords: Fundamentals, Advanced Search


Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

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