Better Seats is an innovative app and startup co-founded by my close friend and colleague Patrick Russell. The app solves an age old problem while creating a win-win scenario for fans and venues. Fans win with ability to upgrade to Better Seats after an event has started or participate in additional game day experiences. Venues win by driving incremental sales, monetizing previously unused seating capacity, and enhancing fan experiences to drive team loyalty. 


Motorheads unite at this website owned and operated by my former colleague GP Corsi, one of the friendliest and most passionate car lovers you'll ever come across. Check out the Sick Rides he's spotted himself all around SoCal, or join the party and submit your own Sick Ride to be featured in the mix. Make sure to check out his online store and pick up some My Sick Ride gear to accent your personal style and let everyone know that you're "Living Life 0-60!"


Founded by former colleague Dawn Kidwell, Bippity Box is a white elephant gift giving site, but better. At Bippity Box gift giving is about the experience. The anticipation and spirit shared between two people when gifting takes place can’t be bought. Bippity Box is much more than meets the eye. Bippity Box is about surprises. It’s about happiness. It’s about friendships. Put the childlike anticipation back into your occasions and give the gift they aren’t expecting!


The mission of the State of Texas Kidney Foundation is to improve the health and well being of Texans at risk or affected by kidney disease, through education, prevention and support and by increasing organ donation and transplantation. Kidney disease is notorious for going undetected, sometimes for many years before diagnosis. Come out and meet their team at one of the many free kidney health screenings they provide around the state; you just might save your own life!